Saturday, June 27, 2009

San Antonio's First Public Electric Car Recharging Station

As we unwind from gas-powered cars, what's going to be the future fuel source and what are the next generation cars gointg to be powered by? Ever wonder whether gasoline stations had been difficult to find for the first buyers of automobiles 100+ years ago? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

While pondering this, you might want to drop by Travis Park Methodist Church this coming Tuesday, June 30, 9:30am, 230 E. Travis Street. They are opening the first electric recharging station for electric cars. The city wasn't first, the county wasn't first, the feds or the state weren't first. The Travis Park United Methodist Church was first. Not only that, you can get in your electric car, come down to the church parking lot and they'll charge you up for FREE! Why? So the church can do its part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Don't have an electric car yet? There will be some for you to look at while they get re-charged. And if you are looking for other places to get a charge once you get an electric car of your own, go to

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