Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Spaces Alliance helps conserve more than 5000 more acres in South Texas from development

Green Spaces Alliance announced the conservation of over 5000 acres on the Blanco Creek watershed in Uvalde county and plans to work with the landowners of a meticulously acquired 300 acre spread in Comal County to protect their land from development. From Green Space Alliance's email announcement:

Blanco Creek Properties It took a year and half. It took the commitment of eight landowners, the City of San Antonio, Green Spaces, the Nature Conservancy, a fleet of surveyors, appraisers, environmental and hydrogeological experts, title companies, lawyers, and many others to preserve the Blanco Creek watershed in Uvalde County. The conservation of these 5,067 acres will protect water quality and quantity for the citizens of San Antonio for years to come. Grant Ellis, land conservation manager, negotiated this diverse assortment of interests for Green Spaces as partner with the City of San Antonio. This land, along with the approximately 80,000 acres already protected under the City's Aquifer Protection Program, will be a legacy not only to the children and grandchildren of the landowners themselves but also to all of the children of San Antonio's citizens.

Comal County Ranch
This weekend, executive director Julie Koppenheffer and land conservation manager Grant Ellis visited a 300-acre ranch just north of Canyon Lake. The landowners have been acquiring their land in 40-acre increments since 1972, and their efforts have resulted in a green oasis surrounded by sururban development. The land evinces the presence of abundant wildlife, including Golden-Cheeked Warbler, deer, fox, and cougars. The landowners contacted Green Spaces because they want to ensure that their property remains in its present state forever. Seeing how they have accumulated this land and protected it is inspiring. Helping them realize their goal of conserving it for future generations is Green Spaces's mission.

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