Sunday, June 14, 2009

Composting Collecting Toilets: the affordable no waste-water, no black-water solution to your back end waste problem

To handle your humanure you can use low flow toilets, you can use an artificial wetlands, a Watson Wick, an aerobic or an anaerobic system but these all use water. If you have lots of money you can buy a clivus multrum. Or you could take the leap into the world of Joseph Jenkins and compost it all and practically eliminate your water use to handle your elimination.

Yes, according to Joseph Jenkins there are two kinds of people: those that deposit their body waste into drinking water and those that do not and we in the USA are mostly in the first group. But it doesn't have to be that way. A composting collecting toilet system as described in The Humanure Handbook is a sanitary, water free and inexpensive way to handle this basic human need.

You can read Joseph's book online for free, though if it takes hold of your imagination you will likely want to buy a copy for yourself. You can also watch humanure videos and see pictures of various composting collecting toilets. You can even buy kits if you don't want to design and build your own.

If you are like me, at first the idea seems a little extreme but then little by little the implications for your life might start occurring to you. That cabin in the woods might suddenly become affordable. That shed in the back yard might make a decent guest room with a gray water system for the solar heated shower and a composting toilet. Maybe that you can afford to make that inexpensive travel trailer a bit less costly to operate and a bit more inviting to travel in.

You might even find yourself trying to spread the word to skeptical friends and strangers. But you won't know unless you take a look at the book.

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