Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Living like Ed" by Ed Begley Jr. is a good introduction to green living

"Living Like Ed- a guide to the Eco-Friendly Life" is an intelligent, understandable, introduction to the basics of sustainable living written by Ed Begley, Jr. and growing out of the HGTV series "Living with Ed".

The book is a tour through Ed's life with explanations and suggestions on how to become more efficient in housing, transportation, recycling, energy, garden, kitchen, clothing and skin care.

With just enough statistics to back up claims and sidebars by knowledgeable people, the book does a good job. Ed is no dilettante. He has experimented and implemented his ideas.

"Living with Ed" is among many books on green and sustainable subjects available free of charge from the San Antonio Public Library. Be sure to check them out and reserve a copy on line at the library website.

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