Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Annual Regional Forest Conference

The Alamo Forest Partnership is asking for all people who like trees in San Antonio and surrounding areas to join them in the First Annual Regional Forest Conference. We all know how important trees are to our oxygen supply, temperature relief, and just being great hangouts for our favorite birds and other animal friends. Please come out to 1901 South Alamo, here in SA for a FREE conference (thanks to CPS Energy). It's an early one, from 8:00am- 12:30pm, Friday, July 10th. Even though it's free, you must register first by July 7th. Topics include: Tree inventories, Working with growers to increase tree species diversity, Trees and the San Antonio River Improvement Project, Trees and Energy, and round table discussions on Tree issues important to your community, business, and/or organization. This notice brought to you by the Citizens Tree Coalition. Register by going to or call 210-207-8053.

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