Monday, June 29, 2009

Governor signs Villarreal bill to allow municipal finanancing of investments in energy efficiency

Way back in February, Representative Mike Villarreal introduced the bill requested by San Antonio officials to authorize the city to finance property owner investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. On June 19, the governor the legislation which had passed the Texas House and Senate June 1st. It will go into effect September 1.

This law is part of the plan developed in part by Laurence Doxsey, who with Pliny Fisk is credited with imagining the nation's first municipal green building program in Austin. Doxsey's new plan was advocated by a broad coalition including Environmental Defense Fund, Texas Society of Architects, CPS Energy, Public Citizen, and the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association.

The full text of the law may be found in this June 1, 2009 post:
Mike Villarreal sponsored bill to allow contractural assessments for energy efficiency improvements only awaiting Governor Perry's signature

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