Monday, June 22, 2009

How many San Antonian's separate their brush and keep it out of the landfill? (Too few)

A quick look around in any neighborhood that is awaiting their twice yearly bulk and brush pick-up will show that only a small percentage separate their tree brush from their bulky trash.

When the brush is stacked with the trash, the brush has to go to the landfill with the rest of the garbage. If brush is piled separately then it can be taken to the city's shredding site at 1800 Bitter's Rd, north of the airport and made into mulch. It costs no more to separate one from the other and it saves taxpayers money by reducing the use of the landfill.

The city's Solid Waste Management department had always made it clear that brush was not to be stacked with the trash, but now they distribute a doorknob hanger pleading for homeowners to separate them and noting that free mulch is available at the Bitters Brush Collection site.

More educational efforts are needed because despite the new notices during the recent brush pick-up cycles the majority of homeowners continued to mix trash with brush and frustrate efforts to reduce the flow into the landfill.

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