Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SASL April Meeting: Joseph De Los Santos of Earth Wise Organic Pest Control explains safer methods to handle insects.

At every San Antonio Sustainable Living meeting, we promise the chance to learn something new and green. Our April 28 session featured a talk by Joseph De Los Santos, owner of Earth Wise Organic Pest Control.

From attending our meetings in previous years I knew about using borates to stop termites and baits to draw ants out of a dwelling, but Joseph has many more tools in his kit, including essential oils that drive out fleas and roaches. His approach requires the cooperation of home and business owners. The food sources for insects must be addressed.

Michelle Kry, of Green Drinks and the SA Environment Meetup was there. Here is part of her report back to the Meet-up:
* The key to getting rid of fleas is to work with the Earth Wise treatments, i.e., trim your grass.
* Nematodes (microscopic, nonsegmented worms) destroy fleas, but you will need to keep the soil moist.

Termites & ants:
* In TX, a company has to use chemicals to treat/prevent termites.
* Earth Wise uses a foam containing the same chemical as in Frontline and injects it into pinholes in the walls. The foam will block entrance ways (plumbing) and the chemical will kill whatever is living in there. For new builds he will guarantee this treatment for 10 yrs (I think it was).
* Aspartame is an insecticide for ants. It is not recommended that you inhale it. (Yes, I Googled it. I am just reporting what was discussed at the meeting. )
* Mint apple jelly mixed with boric acid or vinegar was also suggested for ants.

Wasps are good unless they are aggressive. . They are insectivores. If you don’t go near them they will leave you alone.

Cedar oil for mosquitoes.
In general, whatever organic solution/program that Joseph and company develop for your situation, you and the rest of your household have to agree to do your part in maintaining the right environment to keep the pests away.
Earth Wise does comprehensive clean-up of restaurants and training of employees to keep the premises clean and vector free. But, if store management will not commit to following the proper methods, then he will limit his work to periodic clean-ups.

Blown cellulose insulation is another service offered by Earthwise.

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