Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christa Emrick at Cme-change.com continues tradition of raw food advocacy in San Antonio.

In Helen Nearing's Simple Food for the Good Life, she recalls her friend Dr. Herbert Shelton, who advocated in favor of eating raw food at his health school in San Antonio. She listed his six disadvantages of cooking and nine advantages of raw foods.

That tradition of raw food diet instruction in San Antonio is being continued by Christa M. Emrick, a certified Alissa Cohen "Living on Live" chef and black hat feng shui practitioner. She offers several un-cooking classes each month.

Among her classes are: Alissa Cohen’s Chef Level 1, A Primer on Salads and Salad Dressings, Desserts âu Naturél!, Lettuce Toast to Your Health! Salads Beyond the Greens! and Smoothies, Juices, Mylks and Soups.

Her Dining Around the World series features Asian, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mediteranean and Mexican inspired raw food dishes.

From her description of her Mexican un-cooking class:
Everyone loves Mexican Food but can the raw version taste just as satisfying as its traditional version? In this class you will learn how to use a food processor, dehydrator and practice your knife skills.

* How to use a dehydrator to make thick, crispy chips as well as flexible wraps for tortillas.
* How to hone in on your knife skills or use a handy gadget to create the perfectly shaped salsa.
* How to use shredded cabbage to replace rice for a lighter version.
* How to create a flourless chocolate cake.

MENU: Hot Red Pepper Chips, Salsa Fresca, Guacamole, Mexican Style Seasoned Cabbage, Chalupas, Chili Lime Fries, Chocolate Cake.

Raw food recipes can be simple and surprising. For instance, she recommends combining avocado, frozen strawberries or frozen blueberries with a sweetener such as agave nectar in a blender for a raw food version of ice cream.

You can register for her classes at rawteacher.com. She also has a raw foods meetup group you can join.

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