Thursday, May 14, 2009

Green Camp SA Report 1: More than 100 people, impromptu presentations and cross fertilization

The first Green Camp San Antonio attracted over 100 attendees, which the organizers said was more than usually attends camp un-conferences and which is clearly a lot of people to show up at a San Antonio environmental event that didn't feature face-painting or tree giveaways.

Presentations included one by the Consumers Energy Coalition, a local group opposing nuclear energy. Other topics included permaculture, rainwater catchment, food policy, aquaponics, efficient air conditioning, Mission Verde, biofuels, gardening, natural building, electro-magnetic pollution, public transportation, electric cars and green building.

The un-conference came together without any pushing or shoving when the moderator announced that the time had come to fill in the four boards with topics of workshops. Attendees could fill in the name of a topic on which they were willing to speak or they could pose a question and trust that people who knew the answer would come.

Thirty minutes was allocated for each and there were four presentations going on at all times. Each was very interactive with attendees likely to have information that the presenter did not.

Look for another Green Camp San Antonio at least by next year. T-Shirts are available and their purchase might encourage the organizers to stage another one sooner rather than later.

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