Sunday, May 17, 2009

Detailed Information on Brad Lancaster's Visit to Austin

Design Build Live has posted details of Brad Lancaster's visit to Austin:
The way you think of rainwater and stormwater will be forever changed!

Brad Lancaster’s integrated, sustainable approach to harvesting and maximizing water for the home, landscape, garden, farm and community is eye opening. Brad has written and spoken extensively about maximizing the potential of our on-site resources - topsoil, sun, plants and WATER. Come to one or all events and learn how to turn water scarcity into water abundance!

Find full details on the Design Build Live page: Rainwater Harvesting Rock Star Comes to Austin.

Thanks to SASL member Joe Barfield for passing on this link via our Facebook group. Previous posts about Brad's work include: Radically Simple Sustainable Living (on the cheep!) and mostly at the library, Brad Lancaster's Rainwater Harvesting Basics Part 1 & 2 and Brad Lancaster will Revolutionize your thinking about Rainwater Harvesting.

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