Tuesday, May 5, 2009

San Antonio Sustainable Living blog makes it to top of Google search!

With over 100 posts and probably 400 outgoing links, a Google search of our group name, San Antonio Sustainable Living, on April 28, 2009 puts one of our posts at the top. The first result is our home page. A secondary result is our post on Joe Barfield's blog entry on the legalities of chicken raising in San Antonio.

The second result is for a list SASL member, Joe Barfield placed on Amazon.

If our luck holds then then we'll stay on top for a while. It was a hard battle to reach the top. Our group name uses common keywords. Our main search result rival cannot be named without increasing their search strength, but they are one of those sites that has thousands of pages with no real information that are so well linked to other pages with little information that they often show up in Google search results.

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