Friday, April 3, 2009

San Antonio creates Citizens' Environmental Advisory Committee. Application to serve is online.

The city council at the suggestion of District 7 councilman, Justin Rodriguez has created a Citizens' Environmental Advisory Committee. The CEAC will advise the City Council on its environmental efforts with a strong focus on ensuring the advancement of the City of San Antonio's "Mission Verde" sustainability plan.

To apply for one of the 11 positions on this committee, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 207-7253 or apply online . Below is the text of the request for action that the council voted on.

This ordinance will create a Citizens’ Environmental Advisory Committee to ensure continued advancement of the “Mission Verde” sustainability Plan.


During the 2009 State of the City address, Mayor Phil Hardberger unveiled the details of the “Mission Verde” sustainability plan for the City of San Antonio. “Mission Verde” lays out a strategy for developing a 21st century energy infrastructure through the use of efficiency, conservation, and the pursuit of renewable and sustainable energy sources. Councilman Justin Rodriguez issued a Council Consideration Request, dated July 22, 2008, with the support of Mary Alice Cisneros, Sheila McNeil, John Clamp and Mayor Phil Hardberger, that a Citizens’ Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC) be created to advise City Council with a focus on advancing “Mission Verde” into the future.

The “Mission Verde” plan offers several long-term environmental initiatives that are designed to encourage future development that is economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. In order to ensure that this initiative is continued, Councilman Rodriguez requested that the CEAC be created to encourage these efforts through citizen participation. The mission of the CAEC shall be, “To advise the City Council on its environmental efforts with a strong focus on ensuring the advancement of the City of San Antonio’s ‘Mission Verde’ sustainability plan.” The committee will provide recommendations on effective environmental projects, programs and policies to City staff and City Council and it will serve as a forum for the community to offer input concerning environmental sustainability.

The CEAC membership will be comprised of 11 members appointed by City Council that represents an open-membership board of council appointees. Appointee terms and rules of membership shall be set forth in the CAEC Governance document. In addition, the Office of Environmental Policy will work with CEAC on a technical and advisory level.

This recommendation directly correlates with Councilman Rodriguez’s Council Consideration Request. In addition, it is consistent with the Mayor’s State of the City Address, in which he unveiled his “Mission Verde” plan.

This ordinance is consistent with policy initiatives raised in the Mayor’s 2009 State of the City address and Councilman Rodriguez’s Council Consideration Request for the development of a Citizens’ Environmental Advisory Committee.

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