Tuesday, April 28, 2009

COPS/Metro Alliance wants CPS to be required to look into green energy as alternative to more nuclear reactors.

Sustainable Energy is a part of the 2009 COPS-The Metro Alliance Human Development Agenda. At their April 26 Accountability Session candidates for San Antonio mayor and city council were asked whether they supported the following:
"CPS Energy proposes expanding the South Texas Nuclear Project to two more nuclear reactors as the next source of electricity for San Antonio. COPS/Metro leaders will insist on a public dialogue that considers what similar investments in solar, wind and other sustainable sources of energy would mean for our city. Investment in "green energy could bring jobs and economic development to San Antonio."
After their agenda was presented each candidate was given the opportunity to state whether they would support 11 specific questions policies arising from the agenda.

Candidates for mayor, Deberry-Mejia, Julian Castro, Sheila McNeil, and Diane Cibrian all stated that they would "Require that CPS Energy presents alternative plan for solar and wind energy."

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