Friday, April 10, 2009

Dan Phillips, Huntsville recycled building material artisan and home building benefactor

Dan Phillips of Huntsville has been building houses from recycled material for years. His projects include the Phoenix Commotion and Brigid's Paradigm. His houses are affordable well beyond the government's definition.

While many people have gone down to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore to buy an item or two for a renovation project, Dan has made an art of taking discarded materials and turning them into whole houses. His houses aren't just simple structures either. They are works of practical art.

You can see a number of video's about his work on the Phoenix Commotion site, but one of the best I've seen is from the Texas Country Reporter and is below.

On June 12, 2010 Dan spoke at TEDx Houston.  Here is his talk which gives insight into his philosophy.


  1. I think this is a very creative idea. Also, a great way to contribute to socitey and humanity..GOD bless!!

  2. As a single mom and a senior design architect, I congratulate Mr. Phillips on giving back to so many.

    For the single mom owners, they will know that they are not alone raising their kids in a less than perfect situation. These homes are a gift of shelter which will ease the fiancial burden of a single income home. This provides such peace of mind for single mothers who play so many roles in their families.

    For the people who help build these homes, Mr. Phillips is teaching a trade and a craft.

    Finally, the use of construction waste demonstrates Mr. Phillips ability to become a sheppard of the earth. We recyle cans; we chose more efficient cars, but those choices are relatively effortless. These designs take planning, creativity and a huge effort.

    Many thanks to Dan Phillips!

  3. Mr. Phillips creativity and ability to make something from nothing is amazing. This is definitely the way that I want to spend my retirement years (I would do it now if I hadn't just bought a house!) in terms of quality of living and being eco friendly. I am collecting so many creative ideas and know that I can accomplish this in 15 years. It is all about simplifying your life and appreciating what you already have! :)

  4. This post is one of our most read articles ever. Mr. Phillips is not a self-promoter. He is too busy building and creating. I think that's why so many people end up at this posting.