Friday, April 10, 2009

How about a Bamboo Fence instead of chain link, or lumber?

You may have heard of bamboo flooring and bamboo used instead of plywood for cabinets, but Cali Bamboo offers a line of bamboo fencing.

It can be used to rehab an existing wood fence, added to a chain link fence or used on its own.

Their fencing system uses posts and crosspieces. The spaces in between are covered by rolls of stitched together bamboo. I'm not sure if it would keep a dog in the yard but it stops prying eyes and is beautiful.

Their products can also be used to create your own personal Gilligan's Island room.

Many pages on their site use audio and video that loads and plays automatically so be sure to turn off your computer sound before you go there if you are in a quiet environment.

Closer to home, BigGrass Bamboo at 637 West Hildebrand has a wide selection of bamboo decor items.

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