Friday, April 10, 2009

Local land trust, Green Spaces Alliance, preserves land, promotes community gardens and environmental friendly living

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, a non-profit, non-governmental land trust works with landowners to preserve open space by conservation easements in the San Antonio area.

Landowners decide what about their land they want to be preserved and what uses they want their land to be put to. Green Spaces works with them to develop conservation easement agreements that accomplish the landowner's goals.

Green Spaces has worked to preserve large parcels for scenic views, open space, passive recreation, historic and cultural preservation, and protection of the Edwards Aquifer.

Among their accomplishments are the aquisition of
three conservation easements in Bexar and Kendall counties., the aquisition of 1,681 acres of land for the City of San Antonio’s Aquifer Protection Initiative under the Proposition Three Program and 20,000 acres so far under the 2005 Proposition One Aquifer Protection Initiative.

They helped organize and lead the coalition of 23 entities that form the Land Heritage Institute that will preserve the 1,200 acre Land Heritage site in southern Bexar County and have funded and facilitated nine community gardens in San Antonio and have helped over 30 other gardens get started and grow.

Their "Picture Your World Youth Photo Project" has taken hundreds of kids into nature, taught them new skills, given them pride, and will make them better stewards of the land. Two seminars for land professionals each year, public lectures, member hikes, and events educate the public as to the need for preservation of our unique natural and cultural heritage.

They have a membership program and numerous volunteer opportunities. They are involved with the Eco Fashion Show, Wednesday April 22 from noon to 1 pm at Whole Foods in the Quarry, with a silent auction to follow the show from April 22 to 26 to benefit Green Spaces .

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