Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recycled cardboard geodesic dome can make you the envy of the neighborhood (or beach)

Three people, four hours, appropriate tools and materials can net you your own backyard geodesic dome. In addition to creating products which help you communicate in the Burmese, Thai, Lao and Thai languages the folks at Fetch-a-Phrase, have put instructions on how to build a recycled cardboard geodesic dome on their website.

Of course the dome is not entirely made of cardboard. You will also need wood, rebar, some bolts and some basic tools among other items. It isn't quite origami with cardboard so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and assemble all the tools before you assemble your friends to help you. You will need to make several tools yourself to help in the construction of the dome itself.

The plans on the site lead to a dome that is six foot three inches at the peak with a 12 foot 7 inch diameter. In the picture above it is the blue one.

Listen to an interview with Jonathan Smith about why he and his friends chose to build the domes - Small World Podcast.

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