Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who said sidewalks had to be concrete? California company produces recycled rubber sidewalks

In the old days side walks were wooden. Even today some sidewalks are made of marble or decayed granite. But a California company, Rubbersidewalks Inc wants to get us walking on recycled rubber.

They manufacture rubber sidewalks which they say save money compared to concrete because they are easier to replace and repair. Because their rubber sidewalks accommodate tree growth better, they save trees. They keep tires out of the landfill too.

They come in gray, black and terracotta. The sidewalks are modular and can be opened by a contractor for tree root maintenance, utility work and relocation. They perform well in cold temperatures. Rubbersidewalks, at 0 degrees F for 48 hours, were subjected to repeated impact testing. Samples exhibited no signs of crazing, chipping, spailing or cracks by inspection. They don't expand in hot weather and retain less heat than concrete.

Because of their post consumer recycled content and the way that they reduce renovation impacts they qualify for LEED credits.

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  1. Would these work for a drive as well?