Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boerne Sustainable Concept House owners share their home with the public

Some people who build an interesting house don't want anybody to know about it. Some people are willing to be on a home tour. Some even do a personal blog detailing the process. But Karen and Griz Adams of Boerne, Texas are going the extra-mile on their Sustainable Concept House to let people in on the process of building and in experiencing the results.

In July,when their sustainable home is completed they will host a week long open house to benefit the Cibilo Nature Center, which for three years will then coordinate continuing education programs for both architects and the general public including field trips to the house Topics will include solar energy passive and active, sustainable building materials, rainwater harvesting, gray water and LEED residential certification workshops. Already the Cibilo Nature Center has hosted one workshop. Another is planned for May 23, 2009 which will include a visit to the site.

The house is scheduled to be included in an AIA home tour in Fall 2009.

Karen, a PR consultant by trade, regularly updates an Express-News blog, Green Dream , on the process of building the house. Once they found the materials they wanted to use they contacted suppliers and used the power of possible good publicity to negotiate good prices. A medical diagnostics company will be performing a study to examine how a healthy home can impact health.

Ben Adam, AIA designed the 3500 sq foot home which will house the family of four and Karen and Griz's offices. Karen said they chose to go with 2 by 6 stick framing to show that mainstream construction methods, if done right would result in an energy efficient, healthy sustainable home.

The house which is on an infill lot in Tapatio Springs will be connected to the subdivision's sewer but not to their water. Rainwater catchment and gray water reuse are expected to meet all their water needs. The house will include passive solar design, a solar hot water heater and geothermal air conditioning.

The house is intended to achieve LEED Platinum status.

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