Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Earthen Floor Workshop with Frank Meyer

From: Design Build Live Austin, Tx

Saturday, March 14, 9:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Earthen Floor Workshop
Instructor: Frank Meyer of Thangmaker Construction
Location: North Central Austin Residence
Fee: $75, including lunch
Experience Level: No previous experience required
Limit: 10 people

Registration and payment required


Natural clay soils can be used to create durable, beautiful, healthful floors. Learn how to select materials and build these unique floors. Discuss techniques for final finishing and sealing.

There are many flooring options on the market that claim to be "green." While some of this is "greenwashing," there are actually some products that offer considerably more sustainable features than the conventional carpet and sheet vinyl. But it is difficult to get greener than an earthen floor. When properly finished and sealed, earthen floors offer beauty and durability while delivering superbly on sustainable features such as:

  • Natural, nontoxic
  • Local or regional materials
  • Abundant resources (clay, sand, gravel)
  • Thermal mass for improved thermal comfort
  • Easy on the body (unlike hard surfaces such as concrete or stone)
  • Maintainable and repairable

During this workshop you will learn what type of materials to select and where to get them, the steps involved in creating an earthen floor, and how to finish and seal. Building an earthen floor is a multi-step process that requires some drying time between steps. During this workshop we will install all but the final thin coat of clay, but you will be introduced to all steps in the process. Fee for the workshop is $75 and includes a healthy vegetarian lunch and all necessary workshop materials and tools. Water, coffee and tea will also be provided. Enrollment is limited to ten people.

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