Monday, March 16, 2009

USDA brings BioPreferred Showcase to San Antonio June 9 to 11, 2009

According to the Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, up to 10,000 government procurement professionals will be in San Antonio for the US General Services Administration's Expo 2009 June 9 to 11. In conjunction with the expo, the Dept of Agriculture will host the 2nd annual BioPreferred Showcase and Training.

Training session topics will include information on what makes a product "green" and how green qualities are measured, stories of Federal employees who have used biobased products for sustainable design, construction and renovation and those who have used bio-based products for sustainable maintenance as well as a look at the impact of biobased product government purchases on the economy, jobs, energy security, and the environment.

The GSA Expo 2009 is a free training conference and exposition meant for government officials and employees whether local, state, federal or military who influence or make government purchases.

The BioPreferred program was established as part of the 2002 Farm Bill. The USDA is in the midst of a process that will eventually lead to the authorization of products to bear a distinctive BioPreferred label.

Currently the Department maintains a catalog of BioPreferred biobased products particularly to help government buyers purchase bio-based products . Products on the list include office supplies, building materials, housewares and even toiletries.

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  1. The USDA is also launching a voluntary labeling program so that consumers will easily identify the biobased products available in the market. The label will include a logo and a statement on the biobased content of the product and/or its container. The labeling program is open for all - US and non-US companies. More information is found in the Federal Register: