Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BIG in JAPAN! International Dome House Ltd offers polystyrene plaster-coated modular dome homes and communities.

Some people want a house that looks like everyone else's. Some people don't.

Japan's International Dome House's modular polystyrene homes definitely don't look like everybody else's except when they are clustered in communities of them.

The houses are made from thick polystyrene and finished with plaster. They are assembled from off the shelf parts that make arched entrances, arched halls and hemispheric rooms.

They are heated and cooled with Japanese style mini-split systems and of course are very energy efficient and earthquake resistance. They feature an anti-oxidant solution that is said to foster good health.

In Japan they are considered a low cost alternative. Otaku International indicated that a basic dome has 475 sq feet and costs start at $30,000 without transport, assembly, wiring, plumbing, interior work or exterior and interior plaster. That means $63 a sq ft for an incomplete unassembled shell. They are not for sale in the USA.

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