Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Solar Power Offer from Novastar Energy

We are in the middle of a whirlwind of news regarding energy efficiency, federal tax credits from the stimulus package, the new ordinance coming from the Mayor's Mission Verde program, and the expected re-instating of the customer rebates in May. Each one of those deserves a blog post or two on their own merit. Meanwhile, a local supplier of renewable energy systems, Novastar Energy has announced a price breakthrough for turnkey photovoltaic systems. To summarize, Novastar will help you determine what solar capacity choices you have. Once you have decided the capacity best for you, Novastar will design the system, you purchase the components at cost, "manufacturer pricing," and installation cost to you is $700 per kilowatt installed. Installation includes all the required permits.

As with any projects mentioned in the blog, practice due diligence and look into this offer for yourself. This offer is for a very limited time, so if you are the least bit interested, go to the Novastar Website or call them at 210-391-4009.

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