Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rare Chinese Electric Car, the FLYBO in San Antonio

If you think you see a red smart car around town don't be so sure. It might be the all electric Flybo. This one was parked in the SA Public Library garage on Tuesday night.

The Flybo comes from China. It is offered for sale in the USA at the New Hampshire All Natural Yahoo Store. But an article from 2007 on Carscoop indicates that it is exclusively sold by Great Lakes Auto Sales of Saginaw, Michigan. One page indicates it has a top speed of 25 mph, another says it is 50! Also the front end design varies in the pictures I found.

Wuzheng North America
, who is importing Chinese made trucks, seems to be connected to this car as does Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle Co Ltd. But even though I don't have all the facts I wanted to get this picture up anyhow. Perhaps some reader can get the facts to us.

UPDATE: April 27. This post continues to get traffic (thanks AC-EAA). So here are two more photos. They are both on Flickr and published under the Creative Commons.
Flybo Library 03 2009 IMG_0029

Flybo Library 03 2009 IMG_0031

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