Saturday, April 10, 2010

With San Antonio's Earth Day coming up let's look at the 7 R's (and recycling is dead last)

If you are on the San Antonio Environment Meetup list (and why aren't you), you might have caught a link Stephen posted to this Treehugger slide show on the 7 R's (Reuse, Rot, Repurpose, Repair, Return, Refill, Refuse and finally if all else fails Recycle). 

For a number of reasons recycling is promoted ahead of the rest.  It may be more convenient.  It may be in the interests of manufactures of new stuff.  It may be in the interest of recyclers and industries that depend on cheap supplies (Trex for example depends on plastic bags).

With San Antonio's 2010 Fiesta Earth Day coming up April 17 in Woodlawn Lake Park from 10 to 4 pm it will be interesting how well the other R's are represented and encouraged compared to Recycling.  You can RSVP for Earth Day on the San Antonio Environment Meetup event page.

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