Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Compressed Earth Block Workshop

Once every year or two in Central Texas, there’s a premier opportunity to learn all about compressed earthen block (CEB) construction, lime stabilization, and natural finishes. That opportunity returns for three days in May (20-22) here in San Antonio. Jim Hallock and Jeff Rottler from Tierra y Cal, from San Miguel de Allende will offer a very comprehensive class in CEB covering all aspects to consider. If you are thinking green building, building a durable, healthy, high-performance structure doesn’t get any greener than using the earth. Partnering again with Laurence Jetter of Advanced Earthen Construction Technology (AECT), here in San Antonio, Jim and Jeff will be incorporating the best technology in compressed earth blocks available. For more information regarding the agenda and registration details, contact Tierra y Cal directly at their website.


  1. Jim Hallock is an engaging instructor and a man who's life was changed by natural building. This is excellent and inspirational training. He really knows what he is talking about.

  2. They have been having them twice a year for the past few years with good attendance so I'm guessing that there will be another one.