Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paul Stamets Fungi Perfecti "Tree Life Box" as described in Ted Talk delivered!

At TED in February 2008, mycologist Paul Stamets delivered his talk entitled "Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World."  In that talk he described the "Life Box",  a box in which seeds and mycorrhizal fungi which would protect and nurture them would be embedded in recycled paper cardboard.   Torn up and planted the box would yield gardens, grasslands and forests.  He imagined life boxes used for mailers, hot beverage sleeves, pizza boxes and shoe boxes.

Many people went to Stamets website, and found their way to only to find out that the boxes were not yet fully available to the public. But recently people who had written them received a special offer that allowed them to receive a tree life box if they ordered any non-food item from them.   Apparently the life box is not yet approved for the shipping of food products.

I received my Tree Life Box today.  I'm waiting to open it.  But here are some pictures of it which are also freely available on Flickr.

Paul's TED Talk is below:

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