Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fuel free flight promoted by Robert Hunt

The fuel free plane, aka the Gravity Plane, proposed by prolific inventor Robert Hunt would combine alternating helium lift and gravity powered propulsion.  Turbines rotated by air rushing past during the gliding phase of flight would compress air that would be used to power the process of compressing and decompressing the helium as well as controlling plane while in the helium lifting phase of its flight.

Among other inventions, Mr. Hunt is responsible for an engine that generates electricity from the excess pressure in natural gas, a closed cycle refrigeration and heat production system utilizing water and air and a thermo-electric generator which generates electricity from waste heat.

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  1. Robert Hunt's gravity plane ( was first publicised about 2004 and it ceased being publicised about 2006. I think the US dept of defence must have stepped in with a suppression order. Does anyone know what happened?