Friday, November 13, 2009

What are the websites of the Progressive Automotive X Prize teams? you ask.

The field of teams eligible for the Progressive Automotive X price was reduced from 97 to 43 on October 19, 2009 when the list of "Qualified Teams" was announced.  Teams had to receive a passing grade based upon safety and emissions, manufacturability and cost, the features of the entrant's automobiles, and the business plan of the company behind each entry in order to become a "Qualified Team".

While Aptera, Tata Motors and Tesla are the most famous of the remaining teams,  a number of the other contenders stand out.

Of interest to Texans is EVX Laboratories which is located in Dallas.  Their all electric vehicles include a proprietary electric engine and battery design.  They are currently offering conversions of Mercedes Benz models.  They have posted a video of a Smart fortwo  conversion that apparently is a work in progress.

The Spira features a gasoline motorcycle engine and six inches of soft foam covering for safety.

The Gomecsys entry comes from the Netherlands and features a 2 cylinder gasoline engine 720 degree engine cycle for increased efficiency.

The Persu Mobility, Inc. entry is a fully enclosed tilting three wheeler with a gasoline / electric hybrid engine.

Edison2 out of Virginia is committed to an engine that burns natural gas that will be able to travel 1000 miles between fill ups.  I couldn't find a website, but here's a link to a quite cinematic video in which they explain their philosophy.

The West Philly Hybrid X (EVX) team is the only team from a public high school. Western Washington University  and the Cornell 100+ MPG Team  round out the academic competitors.

The TW4XP team from Germany is competing with a human/electric hybrid with a top speed of 80 mph.

Team HydroPhi concentrates not on the battery but on a device that continually produces energy that is then stored in a battery.  The device called a hydropack has uses well beyond automobiles.  Its inventor, Rudy Simon, has been developing the device since 2001.

Here are links to the remaining competitors except for X-Tracer Team of Uster Switzerland which I could not find: American HyPower, AMP, APET-X,  BDCOTSRUS, BITW Technologies, Boulder Electric Vehicle ,Combined Technology Solutions (CTS)Delta Motorsport,   Eltra , EnerMotion , Enginer , Envera , FVT Racing , Global-E  , Illuminati Motor Works  , OptaMotive  , RaceAbout Association , SABA Motors  , SSI Racing , Tango (Commuter Cars)Team EVITeam FourSightTeam ULV-3TTW Italia, Urbee , VePerformance ,  , Wikispeed  , ZAP

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