Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TED talks are coming to San Antonio, not THE TED talks but a licensed San Antonio version

Some of the social networking professionals including Todd O'Neill who were behind Green Camp in San Antonio and other events have obtained a license from TED to put on TEDX in San Antonio.  These are some very web savvy, well organized and fun people behind this event.

TEDX events are independently organized though authorized by TED.  The TED talks bring together attendees with extra-ordinary vision to hear speakers of extra-ordinary vision. 

TEDX San Antonio already has 214 fans on Facebook .  A brainstorming meeting is planned for Wednesday November 11 at 6 pm at the ALoft Hotel at Blanco and Loop 410.

In addition to brainstorming they are collecting applications to attend.  Not just anyone can attend a TED talk, though in recent years the talks have been put on the web.  The application for TEDX San Antonio says: "The success of a TED event is heavily dependent on having a lively mix of attendees as well as speakers. We’re looking for people from various backgrounds – the arts, technology, government, business, non-profits etc. that are passionate, open-minded “do’ers”. "

The applications asks about your achievements and your passions.  It alsos  for a url to a site that says something about you or you passion.

Currently the plan is for  TEDX San Antonio to take place some time early in 2010.

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