Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Workshop to build an entire Cob cottage near Bastrop from the ground up! October 21-29 near Bastrop

From Barefoot Builder:

Owner Builder Workshop
October 22 - 29 2009
Bastrop, TX (near Austin)

The 'Owner Builder' is the most in-depth workshop we offer. This workshop will be a hands-on building intensive and is designed to prepare you to build you own cob home.

This workshop will take place in a beautiful wooded setting next to a lake. You will learn all the basics of building with cob for anything from a small outbuilding to your entire house. In this workshop we will actually construct an entire cob cottage from the ground up!

You will have the chance to get hands on experience with every stage of cob building so you can go home with the confidence and skills to build your own house. We will cover foundations, walls, windows, doors, roofs, plasters, sculptural work, testing your cob mix, using a tractor to mix cob, passive solar design, rainwater collection, dealing with the building department, electricity, plumbing and more! This is an ideal workshop to take if you are considering building your own cob home or any fully enclosed building.

Workshop fee includes all vegan friendly, mostly organic, 'whole food' meals with raw chocolate served daily, from dinner October 21 to breakfast October 30, morning yoga classes and camping! An extension cord is available for your tent for $10.00 or your R.V. for $20.00. We offer some discounts for families and groups of 3 people or more.

Work exchange available for this workshop before the workshop and will take place on the Bastrop property. email Craigbrian@rawfoods.com or phone 619-454-4001

Instructors: Christina Ott & Craig Sommers
Teachers Assistant: Phyll Fanolla-Williams
Guest Teachers: TBA

This workshop can be paid for over the phone with a credit card.
Call Craig @ 619-454-4001.

Receive a 10% discount if you mention Design Build Live of Austin.

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