Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Organic shrimp farm thrives in West Texas

SASL member and student of permaculture, Joe Barfield pointed out a story that appeared in the fall edition of Edible Austin about Bart Reid's Permian Sea Organics which raises shrimp using saline aquifer water in Imperial Texas.

The Edible Austin article is an excerpt from "Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas-Profiles of Organic Farmers and Ranchers across the State" by Pamela Walker. In the excerpt she points out that the removal of aquaculture from the National Organics program almost ruined Permian Sea Organics.

In 2006 Granvil Tree of Texas A&M wrote an "Update on Inland Shrimp Farming in West Texas" about attempts to use saline aquifer water in West Texas dates back to 1972. He details the ups and downs of the attempt. Some shrimp was produced over the years but much money was lost.
In 2003 Carlo Guerra wrote "Farms producing Texas shrimp -- West Texas shrimp, that is" in the Express-News about Mr. Reid's shrimp operation. Mr. Reid notes that when people call him a pioneer he reminds them that people shot arrows at the pioneers.

It seems as though the Reid family at one time operated a restaurant in Imperial or Fort Stockton but I couldn't find any current references to it.

Thanks to Joe Barfield for pointing out this company.

Of course in San Antonio we still have available the most green factory grown shrimp imaginable from Shrimp Station who sells at the Pearl Farmers Market.

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