Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Antonio Clean Tech Forum launches group website, blog and forum

The San Antonio Clean Tech Forum, begun in 2008 by former Tesoro Petroleum CEO Michael Burke, has launched a group website: .

The group which mainly focuses on big picture issues of sustainability related to government actions and industrial developments has already influenced public debate through their Mayoral Candidate Forum and other events. Their membership includes many people well connected to San Antonio's behind the scenes power structure, although it is also open to students and interested citizens.

According to the group's statement of priorities:
Participants in SA Clean Tech are committed to help facilitate a broad range of governmental, business and educational related community initiatives to advance “Critical Priorities for San Antonio.”
1. Learn what technologies, programs, & practices are most appropriate for our region.
2. Communicate via major media the best ideas for saving money, energy, water and clean air.
3. Educate, train and develop our workforce for good paying new jobs in clean tech in the future.
4. Propose guidelines, programs and initiatives to direct investment & assure appropriate behavior.
5. Incentivize action - identify, encourage and communicate rebates, grants, & subsidies.
6. Finance entrepreneurial initiatives in resource efficiency and Alternative Energy.
7. Attract talent and businesses to accelerate the growth of the clean tech revolution.
Their September 16, 2009 Nuclear Forum will include speakers who support and those who oppose the expansion of the South Texas Nuclear Project and San Antonio's funding of it. Tickets are $50 ($20 for students).

The site includes a blog based on the frequent emails members of SACTF have received with links to news items of interest, descriptions of past events and (it is hoped) some past presentations. To pay for the site it will have paid members-only section with forums, exclusive content and discounts on SACTF forum tickets.

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