Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can a Mooney Wall save you lots of Money? It can certainly prevent heating and cooling losses due to thermal bridging

Here's the sort of creative solution that carpenters can come up with when they set their minds to it.

A Mooney wall (created by Mike Smith and Tim Mooney and introduced to the world on Tauton Press's "Breaktime" discussion forum) is intended to upgrade 2 x 4 stick construction by reducing energy loss due to thermal bridging. Instead of attaching drywall directly to the studs which creates a thermal bridge all along the stud, drywall is attached to 1 by 2 strapping that is attached to the studs thereby reducing the thermal bridging by 80% or more.

For pictures and a more complete description go to's Mooney Wall article, or look for the discussion on Tauton Press's Breaktime.

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