Monday, August 17, 2009

Nine Tiny Feet: a thought experiment in tiny house design

One night in 2008 Michael Janzen went to sleep with Jay Shafer's tiny houses on his mind. Since then he has been imagining a series of homes each with an area of 9 square feet and documenting his thought and google sketch-up experiment on the blog "Nine Tiny Feet".

The design has been altered many times since then. His last entry as of today was in May 2009 but in it he indicates that he is still contemplating the design. He has tried different shapes, has eliminated framing in favor of panels, has added and removed features. He is currently trying to figure out a way to make his design lighter.

No construction has taken place as far as I can tell but the design keeps evolving. It is a thought experiment that has fascinated many readers. It illustrates the well William G. Wilson's statement "before a man can build a house he must first imagine it."

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