Sunday, August 16, 2009

4 reactions to July's San Antonio Sustainable Living meeting on timber framing

Jason, a relative newcomer to sustainable buildings and to our meetings had this to say about timber framing:
1. I liked the shift in thinking of what a modern house is today to what it could be.

2. The idea that a home with a post and beam construction could be easily reconfigured since the walls are not load bearing fascinated me. How many homes are unsellable because a certain floor plan is no longer in style or its simply not what a prospective buyer is looking for?

3. I'm wondering why more homes aren't built like this.

4. Innovations like SIPs,etc combined with Old World engineering can give us an environmentally friendly house that easily last hundreds of years. Exciting stuff!

Each time I attend an SASL meeting I learn something new. In the lead up to the meeting, it was news to me that a timber framing company existed in San Antonio, let alone that it had existed for 10 years. I was also interested to learn how affordable timber framing could be. I also found it interesting that the work of Sand Creek Post and Beam had been influenced by the work of Tedd Benson, who in addition to promoting open residential building also worked to bring modern automated woodworking machinery into timber framing.

Jason was at our meeting to collect another video for OrganicTexas. You can view the set on his YouTube channel.

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