Saturday, November 27, 2010

Houston's Mark Johnson talks sustainable housing at TEDx Houston 2010

In this June 12, 2010 talk at TEDx Houston Mark Johnson touches on a number of issues related to sustainable housing with insight and humor.  Commenting on the number of Tuscan and French Provencal mini-mansions popping up in Houston he shares his dream of someday traveling through France and seeing buildings based on the style Houston ice houses

He observes the absurdity of showing the strength and permanence of a building by using brick (but only for 25% of the house) and decorative shutters which not only have no hinges but which are too small to cover the windows to which they are adjacent.

In his wide ranging talk he says that he thinks that people who build should be more concerned with impressing their children than their neighbors and friends and advocates for a slow home movement for housing similar to the slow food movement.  Finally he points to the Beer Can House as an building of unique style made possible by Houston's loose architectural design control.

Mark Johnson operates, a source for stock modernist home plans.

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