Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caps not accepted in San Antonio recycling, but Aveda will help schools collect and recycle many of the plastic ones.

Many recycling programs do not accept caps to the recyclable jars and containers that they do accept.   In San Antonio we're not to include any sort of cap in "Blue is the New Green" recycling carts.

Aveda, the salon products company has a program that will accept many of the plastic caps.  It is administered through schools.  

They can't accept metal caps of any kind or caps with pumps but they do accept caps that twist on with a threaded neck such as caps on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles and pharmaceutical lids, flip top caps on tubes and food product bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise), laundry detergents and some jar lids such as peanut butter.

Students and parents collect the lids then they are placed in prepaid UPS shipping boxes.  Aveda pays for the shipping.  For more information on how to sign up a school Aveda has separate pdf for parents and for teachers.  I haven't found a list of  participating schools though I understand that the Aveda salons and the Aveda Institute in San Antonio also accept the caps as does Whole Foods.

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