Friday, July 24, 2009

Share your yard or share somebody elses yard for gardening with Hyperlocavore

Has it ever the thought ever sprung into your head that it would be nice to share the land you have with somebody who likes to garden, or if you don't have land that it would be nice to use someone else's land to garden? It certainly has come up at our house.

Liz McClellan, who lives in Eastern Oregon has created a site, Hyperlocavore, to allow you to connect with people near you who either want to garden but don't have land or who have land they want to share with people who want to garden.

It is a way to enable you to set up your own tiny community garden or perhaps a variation of a CSA except that the community in CSA would be right in your neighborhood. The site operates on a social networking model.

Here's a link to an audio interview done by About Harvest.

As of July 23, there are five members in San Antonio, (at least 25,000 elsewhere)so for it to work more people will need to join, but it is free and it seems like a good execution of an idea that fills a need, so here's hoping it takes off.

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