Monday, July 27, 2009

Promised Land Dairy sold to Grupo Lala. Chart shows ownership of industrial organic brands by other food processing giants

The sale of Floresvillle organic milk producer, Dr. James R. Leininger's Promised Land Dairy, on July 19 to a division of Grupo Lala of Mexico, raises the question as to who owns other industrial organic food companies.

That question is answered well by a chart produced by Phil Howard, assistant professor at Michigan State University. The chart entitled "Organic Industry Structure: Acquisitions by the Top 30 Food Processors in North America" is found on the website of The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin based institution involved "in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture."

The chart shows the ownership of a number of major industrial organic brands by food processor powerhouses including Kellogg, General Mills, ConAgra, M&M Mars, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Kraft and Nestle.

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