Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Meeting to feature Kevin Coleman, Compressed Earth Block builder

Greetings, Fellow SASL Members,

Tonight's meeting of the San Antonio Sustainable Living group features Kevin Coleman. Many of us are big fans of compressed earth block and other earthen-based wall systems construction. Kevin has been the supplier of earthen blocks in the San Antonio area for years and is well versed in the production and building techniques related to the erection of compressed earth structures. He knows all too well the problems not with the material itself, but with the aspects related to using the material such as finding a bank to finance a compressed earthen structure.

To get the answers to the questions you may have regarding the overall aspects of earthen construction as well as the small details we seldom hear about, this is the meeting you want to attend. We will be meeting tonight (Tuesday) in the classroom inside Whole Foods Market in the Quarry Shopping Center (US 281 @ Jones-Maltsberger @ Basse) at 7pm. I hope to see many of you there.

Mark your calendar for the next 4th Tuesday (July 26th) when Kerry Davis from AirCheck is scheduled to speak on Daikin and mini-split air conditioning/heating systems.

Stephen Colley, COORDINATOR
San Antonio Sustainable Living


  1. I stumbled on this site 2 days after this meeting. I was looking for a person or company to help me design and build a CEB house. Does anyone know if this speaker could help, and if so, is there a website/email/phone I could contact him at? I appreciate any direction I can get. jocelynmadsen@yahoo.com

  2. Kevin Coleman alluded to being able to offer a 50K family home. He also stated that apples to apples his homes priced out as/like 2x6 stick frame construction.
    Would dropping the spray foam roof and volume construction allow you to offer homes at half price.