Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revised Website Finally Arrives

Maybe the new site lacks some of the style of the old one, but the site Bill Christensen helped me unveil this week has a lot more information on it. The new site, like many of today's websites has the ability to post articles with opportunities for visitors to leave comments. The old site didn't. It's brand new, so please be patient while I continue to add information to it while continuing to dust the cobwebs off of Stephen Colley/Architecture. Be one of the first visitors and let me know what you think. I haven't even told anyone on Facebook yet about it. Oh, and if you are shopping for any webhosting services, don't sign up with anyone until you have checked into what Bill Christensen has to offer from Sustainable Sources. There are many green individuals, businesses and groups that host through Sustainable Sources including our sister group in Austin, Design-Build-Live. Bill's even running a special for new accounts during the month of February. Even if you are not interested in webhosting, go to Sustainable Sources anyway for a HUGE selection of regional green articles, events, and other cool things of interest.

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