Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Building with Awareness" DVD gives you a taste of building with adobe, strawbale, stained concrete, solar power and rainwater collection

If you'd like an introduction to a number of sustainable building techniques and concepts you might enjoy Ted Owens' instructional documentary "Building with Awareness" (available from Netflix and elsewhere)

Because Ted's home combines a mud plastered, straw bale infill exterior with interior adobe walls.  His documentary gives an introduction to building both.  You'll also learn a bit about a solar power system radiant floor heating and  rainwater catchment. (If you are building near San Antonio though you will likely want to forget about the radiant heating. It just doesn't stay cold enough long enough around here, thank goodness.)

This is a nice introduction for anyone not familiar with natural / green building or the concepts behind it.  The documentary was professionally taped and voiced.  The quality shows.  I kept expecting Bob Villa to show up. (That's meant to be a complement.)

The DVD may be purchased with a companion guidebook.


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