Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Dan Rojas pesticide free drum fan mosquito trap did indeed catch quite few of the blood suckers

After a week or so of continuous work, it did catch a few.
Several months ago I noticed Dan Rojas' YouTube video DIY MOSQUITO TRAP pesticide FREE mosquito control which showed how to use a metal drum fan draped with window screening held fast by rare earth magnets to capture and eventually kill mosquito's and other flying insects.

The red is from strawberry juice, not blood sucking bug blood.
It took me a while but I bought the magnets from Amazon, the fan from Northern Tool and the window screening from a thrift store.   I put it together and it immediately started grabbing bugs and I killed and removed the catch after a couple of days.  Then I let it run for a week before cleaning it today.

No doubt there are more mosquitoes to catch in swampy Florida than in dry San Antonio,  but the bugs are still irritating and I'm glad to catch any I can.  The only problem with the fan was a persistent squeak which that thankfully has disappeared for now.

Obviously the trap caught more than just mosquitoes.  The first time I emptied it I wasn't sure if the ants had come to gobble up the insect remains (except the mosquito legs) as Dan had said they would.  It took a few hours but you can see in the short video that they did eventually did show up for a feast.

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