Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Strangest Advertising for a water saving toilet you will ever see: Numi by Kohler

I'm quite comfortable talking about toilets.  Talking about Joseph Jenkins and humanure doesn't phase me.  I have talked plenty about our Toto with its soft close seat.  I've even investigated the after market bidet converters like the Tushy Clean that turn an ordinary commode into a bidet.  I am perfectly willing to advocate for the toilet tank sink.

But, the advertising for the $6,000 Numi toilet from Kohler suggests that the fashionable elite will install them in their glass walled high rise living rooms. I suppose that when the fashionable couple is in need they will just drop trousers and get down to the necessaries without having to miss their view of the city.  Even for me, that is just too much.

Follow the link.  If they haven't removed it yet you'll find the pictures to which I refer under the "home" tab.   I'm sure they will have to take it down some day so if you are reading this in 2012 try this link to a design blog.


  1. That's just nuts. For one thing, did you see the seat (once the panels rose up and the lid got out of the way? I don't think it could take the backsplash from a plunger. And the seat looks VERY uncomfortable. And what do you do if you have to poo during a power outage!!?? I'm keeping my $125 pottie thank you very much. I'll bring my own squirt gun and flashlight if I want to add spritz and high beams.

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