Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Compressed Earth Block Workshop

Probably the greenest construction one could choose would be earthen construction, adobe, cob, pise, rammed earth, and compressed earth block (CEB). In November, Jim Hallock and Tierra y Cal return to San Antonio to offer their CEB workshop along with arguably the premier CEB machine maker in the world, our very own Laurence Jetter of AECT (Advanced Earthen Construction Technology). This series of instruction offered by an outstanding earthen construction crew, Tierra y Cal and AECT in compressed earthen block design and construction is the best instruction you can get on CEB and finishing plasters for many months and for hundreds of miles. If you are interested in a great, natural, and durable construction technique using pure earth, you are not going to want to miss this opportunity. Thursday, November 11th through Saturday, November 13th. Cost of the workshop is $350. Find all the detailed information you need on this link to a pdf from Tierra y Cal and while you are there, you can find all the ways you can register for the workshop either online or by mail.

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