Monday, May 24, 2010

May's Monthly Meeting Topic

On Tuesday, May 25th, the San Antonio Sustainable Living monthly meeting welcomes Derba Mills, owner of Clothesline Cleaners. In our constant joys (and struggles at times) of shifting our lifestyles toward environmentally appropriate choices, some pathways are easier than others. For example, finding zero-VOC paint is much easier now, but we still have difficulty finding an affordable alternative to vinyl tile for subsidized housing. It takes a little bit of study to find appropriate, green, and safe cleaning products, and now there's an alternative to arguably the most toxic aspect of everyday life, the neighborhood dry cleaners. Unless all the clothes you wear can be washed in a machine, there has just been very little one could do to avoid the toxic chemical treatment of the dry cleaning industry.

Clothesline Cleaners is a local company that uses no toxic chemicals in the cleaning process, uses recycled cardboard hangers, and has been given an environmental leadership award from Governor Perry. Please attend the San Antonio Sustainable Living meeting at 7pm on May 25th to hear from one of our progressive green entrepreneurs, Derba Mills. The meeting will be held in the usual location in the classroom within Whole Foods Market. There is no admission fee. Arrive early in case Derba brings a "freebie" or two. Clothesline is the cleaner cleaners. Visit their website for more information. Hope to see you there.

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