Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nicholas Nassim Taleb on "A Crazier Future"

Among the delights of an interest in sustainable living are the surprises. We are surprised to hear of some new technology that may make our communities, our homes or our lives more efficient and enjoyable.

Sometimes the surprises are less delightful such as when we learn that a long used building material has drawbacks or unimagined consequences. Sometimes we learn that what we were doing to save energy or make our home healthier has had the opposite effect. At every meeting of San Antonio Sustainable Living we are surprised in one way or another.

So, by our interest in sustainable living we become aware of how little we can really be certain of and how little we really know about the world today and what the future holds.

The following video is an 88 minute lecture by a man who understands how surprising is life on our planet. The author of "The Black Swan", Nicholas Nassim Taleb's work deals with how to live in a world in which we know very little about the present and even less about the future. Taleb is apolitical. It appears that he doesn't think any politician, economist or expert knows truly understands how little they know.

This talk was recorded at Stewart Brand's Long Now Foundation. The embedded video below runs for 10 minutes to watch the rest click on the "Watch full program" link.

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