Friday, February 27, 2009

Innovative free Green house plans

FreeGreen offers free house plans for download. There are charges for prints and for customization but the basic house plans are free.

As of November 2008, some 10,000 plans had been downloaded which would make them the largest home plan provider in the country, unless you considered revenues. Part of their business plan involves product placement in their plans. Manufacturers pay to have their products included. But the placements are not obtrusive.

The plans available vary from the ultra modern View Box to the more traditional Rustic Retreat to a series especially designed to meet the needs of production builders, the Builder Line.

"The Builder Product Line was created at the request of the FreeGreen Builder Community (although all users are encouraged to use these). Each of these plans has been developed to address builder needs, and allow multiple fa├žade implementations of the same basic design. The floor plans are simple and efficient, and the exteriors are appealing and identifiable. All users will notice that images associated with these plans are more technical. This has been done on purpose to “cut to the chase” for our builders and explain what they need."

As of today, they offer eight families of house plans with several variations for each. Each house is rendered in 3 D which makes it an interesting site to visit even if you are not in the market for a plan.

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